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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces

Discounted Inventory - Tacoma

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Have your fabricator contact the Tacoma Branch for pricing and orders. All sales are final.
Alpine 2cm 119x55 BQ300P (PQ)
1 slab
Birch 2cm 119x55 BQ2030P (PQ)
11 slabs
Canary 2cm 119x55 BQ9160P2 (PQ)
3 slabs
Clay Pebble 2cm 119x55 BQ307P (PQ)
6 slabs
Galaxy 2cm 119x55 BQ2020P (PQ)
1 slab
Mesa 3cm 119x55 BS120P (PQ)
19 slabs
Nirvana 2cm 119x55 BQ9140P (PQ)
3 slabs
Oasis 2cm 119x55 BS4010P (PQ)
1 slab
Olympus White 2cm Honed 119x55 BQ8870H (PQ)
17 slabs
Onixaa Honed Finish 2cm 119x55 BQ8550H (PQ)
2 slabs
Orissa 2cm 119x55 BQ9130P (PQ)
9 slabs
Sandcastle 2cm 119x55 BS4000P (PQ)
6 slabs