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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces

A Modern Touch to a Historic Home


September 13, 2022      

Modernizing a historical home while keeping its original spirit and including a personal touch is a truly challenging balancing act. This stunning Pacific Northwestern home as seen here in Portrait Magazine achieves that balance. Its selection of materials and décor are a harmonious transmission of a contemporary, Craftsman-era style. It pays homage to its Queen Anne locale, carrying deep blue hues reminiscent of the nearby Puget Sound.

Soapstone on counterop and backsplash

When approaching the kitchen, its contrasting colors are the first to draw your attention. The Soapstone countertops, provided by Architectural Surfaces, plays a key role in this meticulous design. The kitchen’s dynamic contrasting effect is supported by the dark Soapstone’s countertop, backsplash and pass-through applications. Paired with black cabinets, this combination presents a satisfying opposition to the white cabinets and walls. The natural stone also features a subtle blue tint that embraces the interior’s marine motif.

Many homes aim to achieve this perfect marriage of various styles and themes. While it may seem daunting at first, having a wide selection of materials to choose from can give you that freedom to express your ideal design. Architectural Surfaces’ collection of stones encompasses a vast range of colors and details that can complement both modern and traditional styles.

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