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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces

All you need to know about granite countertops.


November 7, 2022       Granite countertops

Granite countertops have become a popular choice for homeowners looking to add durability and style to their kitchens. With granite, you get a strong and durable material with a timeless aesthetic appeal that will last for years to come. Whether you choose an exotic pattern or classic elegance, granite countertops can add value to any kitchen space.

Granite’s strength and durability have made it one of the most enduringly popular countertop materials in use today.

Granite is composed primarily of quartz and feldspar and is formed when magma absorbs minerals then cools beneath the earth’s surface. These minerals give granite its natural color variations. One of the hardest substances in the world, granite is resistant to heat and cold, abrasions and scratches, and nearly all chemicals commonly found in the home. Although ideal for countertops and vanities, it can also make a stunning flooring material, fireplace face, or wall cladding – both indoors and out. When considering granite for flooring, select a flamed or brushed finish for wet areas, as high gloss finishes can become slippery when wet.

Granite is porous, and like most natural stone, it is recommended to seal granite upon both installation and again annually to help prevent liquid absorption and staining. We source our granite directly from manufacturers and carry a wide variety of colors from around globe including Brazil, South Africa, Spain, Madagascar, India, Ukraine, Italy, Angola, and Namibia. No two slabs of granite are alike. Its wide range of colors and dramatic marbling mean these slabs must be seen in person to be completely appreciated.

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