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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces

Designer Spotlight: We3 Dwellings


August 8, 2022      

Over 30+ years in the construction industry we3 Dwellings approach design/builds in a forward thinking and contemporary manner. We3 Dewellings is the creative collaboration of l&d construction and jlw design. With 3 design driven dreamers, 2 successful partnerships, and 1 vision, We3 strives to innovate and slightly disturb design in the housing industry.

1. What sparked your interest in interior design?

I think for all three of us, it is the transformation of a space that breathes life in to that space and allows it to shine. For me (Christina), personally, I have always been interested in Interior Design. As a child I was always asking to re-arrange my room and would of chosen a new bed comforter over new clothes any day 😉 My room, in those younger years and our home now, is my comfort and sanctuary and where I go to feel calm and peaceful so it only makes sense for those spaces to evoke that through the design. We want that for all of our clients and is therefore our ultimate goal in designing.

Unique Calacatta Black in Luxury Kitchen

 2. What was your first big project?

Our first big project as We3 was a historic, client  flip near Classen and 39th Street. We had worked together many times before but this was the first project where we all came together to create the design of the home in its entirety and had majority control over design. Most of our work is customized to our clients.

3. What is your favorite type of space to design?

Right now we are working on our first spec home and are loving that! We like to create ultimate cohesion in all of the spaces so it makes sense to design a whole house instead of one room at a time.

Unique Calacatta Black in Luxury kitchen

4. Is there a natural stone or Quartz material of ours that you are dying to use?

I think we might all have a different opinion on that but I would say a really beautiful Arabescato for natural stone and Nightfall Honed or Terrazzo Cinder Honed for MetroQuartz. We are liking a little bit more of the unexpected solid surfaces right now.

 5. What are some of your tips of achieving a peaceful environment?

Everyone “peace” is different so really looking inward and finding what aesthetic you like versus choosing what everyone else is doing is the ultimate tip. When you close your eyes and try to find your calm, what do you see? Is it the beach with crashing waves and warm wind? Or is it the mountains with grand features and the excitement of the unknown? If you choose the beach maybe find items and materials that are soft with an organic feel and warm light colors. If its the mountains, geometric items with harder lines and structure.

Unique Calacatta Black in luxury kitchen

 6. How do you help clients choose material?

First and foremost we lean towards the structural design of the house. You purchased the house for a particular reason, most of the time it is because you liked how it looked on the interior, exterior, or both. From there we pin point what part of the house you really liked and draw inspiration from it to design the part you have brought us in on. Once its time to bring in material choices we try to limit them to just a couple of options to not overwhelm your senses. We also try to only bring quality, well constructed materials to the table. Nothing is worse than having to go through the whole design and construction to then find out that the materials you selected cannot stand the test of time.


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