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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces

Introducing Nine New Tiles!


October 12, 2021      

Boost Pro
An extension of our current Boost collection, Boost Pro offers an expressive new concrete look in warm shades that evoke the simple elegance of industrial style. With a variety of size, thickness and finishes, Boost Pro allows you to interpret any environment with personality and create refined indoor and outdoor looks.


Hexagon tiles have long been a favorite for everything from backsplashes to vintage-inspired flooring. Find beautiful, straight-forward colors in a geometric shape for a refreshingly clean and simple aesthetic.


Developed in partnership with Benoy design studio, Glitch highlights the heterogeneous nature of concrete with all its tiny imperfections that really make it perfect. The decorative range borrows from the minute faults present in the digital world – hence the name “Glitch” – and melds them with the tones of concrete both on flat and three-dimensional bases. The result is a contemporary aesthetic which can be applied equally to residential environments and to commercial locations.

The Havana line is inspired by the Cuban capital’s eccentric soul and trendy architectural history. Havana offers sensational designs mixed with the durability of porcelain to create a visually thrilling statement piece.


An anthem to the iridescence of metal – the perfect blend of daring and eclectic expressions. The metallic effect generates interplays of light and exquisite reflected shimmers, ideal for defining modern interiors and for innovative architectural projects.



Parade is a swirl of emotions, always different and yet always authentic. Offered in several hues, this series gives the effect of a random composition; a surface of many facets that reflects the different textures of the materials used to create the tile.



Inspired by hand-troweled resin, reproduced with absolute color depth and graphic detail in soft tones. Based on the concept of the effect of light through a prism, it is ideal for spaces with a strong, elegant character. The colors offered stem from an imagined result of prism light transformed into a rainbow. A wide range of formats allows you to apply color in any interior project, with continuity between walls and floors.


Shapes of Italy
Inspired by seven natural stones that have characterized the history of Italian art and architecture. This collection combines contemporary elegance with modern design that’s reminiscent of the finest Italian tone. Be inspired by the infinite potential of Shapes of Italy – its surfaces are full of character and timeless charm.


Tide Road
An authentic perspective on stone effects with the careful reimagining of vein cut and cross cut techniques. This line is a careful visual reworking of a precious Brazilian stone, which is sectioned into layer to create two distinct, highly tactile graphics. If Cross Cut represents the more decisive and eccentric soul of the series, designed for floors in more modern commercial environments and large public spaces, Vein Cut, on the other hand, is mainly appropriate on walls; less dramatic and more versatile, and perfect when paired with other materials.

Whether your preference is classic, contemporary, or modern, the rich diversity of our tile collections give you myriad options for your next project. Explore the full collection of tile from Architectural Surfaces here.