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Limited Edition MetroQuartz Colors

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December 2, 2022      

For a limited time only, these MetroQuartz® colors are available for purchase at Architectural Surfaces. This exclusive collection features striking marble and quartzite designs. Act fast and experience these revolutionary surfaces for yourself!

MetrQuartz Stella Caldia full slab

MetrQuartz Stella Caldia full slab

STELLA CALDIA (M5143) Bookmatched
An expansion of the beautiful Stella series, we’ve added this warmer toned option that, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way.

MetroQuartz Full Size Slab Marisol

MetroQuartz® Full Size Slab Marisol

A modern version of a white marble look with dual cool and warm toned veins combined on a luminous white background.

Mia MetroQuartz Full Slab Image

MIA (M5144)
Delicate and subtle accents make Mia the little black dress of countertops; this color works with so many designs it’s the clutch player of this lineup.

MetroQuartz Mia Gold full slab image

MIA GOLD (M5145)
When subtlety won’t suffice, Mia Gold is a stronger, more daring option with vibrant gold veining.

MetroQuartz Sono Rio Full Slab Size

SONO RIO (M5142) Bookmatched
Inspired by classic statuary marble, a new technique for creating the vein structure gives an aqueous, fluid design.

MetroQuartz Full size slab of Sono Soleil

MetroQuartz® Full size slab of Sono Soleil

SONO SOLEIL (M5137) Bookmatched
Taking wide veins to the extreme, Sono Soleil is inspired by Italian Macchia Vecchia marble with burnished copper colored veining.

MetroQuartz Ijen Azul full size slab image

Bookmatched A truly adventurous composition, quartz design continues to evolve with this exciting color inspired by striking blue quartzite.

Metroquartz Full size slab image Tramonto

Metroquartz® Full size slab image Tramonto

An enhanced translucent background with long, warm toned directional veining. Perfectly integrates with the warm toned elements in your space.

Marmo Super White MetroQuartz Full Slab

Marmo Super White MetroQuartz® Full Slab

Bookmatched When your project needs to be as expressive as you are – this bold cool toned veining is like lightening in a bottle.

Full size slab image of Metroquartz Marmo Corchia

Full size slab image of Metroquartz® Marmo Corchia

Bookmatched Marmo Corchia plays on deep charcoal veining with hints of alluring dark tones.

Marmo Viola Limited Edition MetroQuartz full slab image

Marmo Viola Limited Edition MetroQuartz® full slab image

MARMO VIOLA (M5139) Bookmatched
Just like your favorite Bordeaux wine, the red tones in Marmo Viola are refined, cultured, and worldly.

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