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Architectural Surfaces
Architectural Surfaces

Soapstone Countertops


May 7, 2021       Soapstone Countertops

A high-end look and favorite countertop of master chefs, soapstone is a remarkable natural material. Soapstone is incredibly low-maintenance and develops a natural patina with age.

Denser than granite, it is completely nonporous and does not need to be sealed. However, mineral oil should be applied to enhance the beauty of the stone and help maintain a uniform appearance. Soapstone is chemically inert and therefore does not react to acidic substances. It also effortlessly withstands extreme temperatures so, unlike with other materials, hot pans can be set directly on the countertop.

Due to soapstone’s relatively high talc content, it is softer than quartz and many natural stones. However, should the countertop get scratched, simply sand lightly with a fine grit sandpaper, apply a light coat of mineral oil, and the slab is returned to its former glory.