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Stay Warm in Style


November 15, 2022       Natural Stone

Stay Warm in Style

The fireplace serves a valuable function during colder seasons. It can also be a statement. The center of attention in any room, the fireplace is the prime position to display your most extravagant stone while keeping you cozy. Both indoor and outdoor spaces can benefit from a well-designed natural stone fireplace.

stone fireplace in modern white living room

The fireplace allows freedom in expressing your vision of beauty. It is fully customizable in structure and color. By applying natural stones, the fireplace goes beyond a means for warmth; it becomes a feature of nature’s artistry. Vast arrays of rich colors and details are yours to explore. Compared to floors or countertops, fireplaces can even accommodate a wider selection of surface finishes, such as the raw textures of split face stone. Of course, one must always keep in mind the external parameters of their design when selecting a stone.

Stone fireplace in living room

The warm embrace of a fireplace is one of winter’s greatest pleasures. However, you may feel concern for the stone’s integrity. Rest assured, provided that the stone is not in direct contact with the flames, it is resilient enough to withstand the radiating heat. Rarely exposed to other damaging agents, stone fireplaces require relatively low maintenance. In addition, natural stones do not contain harmful toxins or chemicals, making them an eco-friendly and safe option for fireside activities. Longevity is another factor to consider. With proper care, your stone fireplace can last over a lifetime.

White stone fireplace in white living room

With the allure of natural stones, you can look forward to a welcoming hearth for many winters to come. After all, a stylish scene is the perfect complement to a warm ambience. Find your ideal stone for a picturesque fireplace at Architectural Surfaces.

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