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The Art of Quartz Countertops Bookmatching

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July 1, 2022      

Bookmatching is the process of adjoining two or more slabs in such a way that they mirror each other. This achieves a satisfying, symmetrical design that resembles an open book. This highly stylistic design choice is a popular trend among designers and architects. While it is typically applied to wall claddings, bookmatching offers an equally captivating presentation when applied to flooring or even countertops. Its artistic display also makes it a desirable solution for feature walls. Many who seek to make a statement with their designs opt for this showcase of symmetry. Slabs can also feature veining that’s continuous, as shown in the photo below. In this instance, the veining patterns continue from one piece to the next across multiple slabs.

Metroquartz bookmatched slabs in restaurant

The beauty of bookmatching is that it is not limited to one type of material. This effect is achievable whether the surface is natural or man-made. However, materials with prominent veins and movements are preferred as they better emphasize the symmetry. For example, bookmatch a pair of Calacatta marble slabs and you will attain a design that is unparalleled in spectacle. Man-made materials, such as quartz or porcelain, are sometimes made to allow for symmetrical bookmatching. Our PentalQuartz® and MetroQuartz® collections are two such product lines offering several colors that can achieve this.

MetroQuartz Lux Noir bookmatched slabs in warehouse

Click on the images below to view each collection’s available slabs for bookmatching.

MetroQuartz Bookmatched slabs with logo

PentalQuartz bookmatched slab with logo