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Tips for protecting your Natural Stone from Stains


November 2, 2022       Natural Stone

Protecting Your Natural Stone from Stains
While the delicate characteristics of natural stones make them a refined choice for design, it also means they are susceptible to blemishes. Your natural stone countertops, flooring, and walls require extra care to maintain their pristine condition. Due to the porous nature of stones, one of the most common and frustrating threats to their integrity is staining. Stains can be caused by variety of agents, including water, acids, metals, oils, and microorganisms. It is important to always be conscious around your natural stones and take these preventative measures to avoid staining.

Use Sealing
A sealer is a specialized treatment that, when applied to natural stones, repels liquids and other elements. Sealers are available in different types, so select the one that bests suits your purpose. Topical sealers generally cost the least but only coat the stone’s surface, which also slightly alters its look. As such, topical sealers typically wear out faster and require reapplications more often. Penetrating sealers, sometimes referred to as impregnating sealers, penetrate the surface and help protect the stone from deep within its body. Penetrating sealers have the benefits of lasting longer and not altering the appearance of the stone.

Spilled cinnamon on counterop

Act Fast
Spills and messes are unavoidable in busy areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Whenever they do occur, make sure you respond quickly! Cleaning up as soon as possible will prevent, or at least limit the severity of, staining. Leaving any staining agent alone for too long means more time for it to be absorbed into your stone, making it all the more difficult to remove the stain it will leave behind. Even items like metal pots can leave rust stains on your countertops if left in one spot for prolonged periods. Always keep in mind which substances can stain and ensure your stone’s exposure to them is brief. We highly recommend using cleaning solutions purposed for stone and soft cloths to clean up any messes to avoid damage.

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Cover Up
The balance of practicality and aesthetic is the essence of good design. Include covers in your space that decorate and shield your stone surfaces from staining elements. For example, a well-placed rug can add a stylish touch to your floors while providing an extra layer of protection. Utilizing placemats or cloths on your countertops during meals, or coasters when serving drinks, will give you peace of mind as well. Exercise your creativity to achieve that perfect balance.

Whether your tastes lie in fine marble or a sturdy quartzite, their longevity will be determined by the care you show towards them. At Architectural Surfaces, we are dedicated to preserving the beauty of natural stones. Our team of experts at every location can help you with best practices for stone upkeep. Our vast collection of stones gives us comprehensive knowledge to tailor our services to your specifications. Visit your nearest Architectural Surfaces branch or call to chat with one of our natural stone experts.

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