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Architectural Surfaces

Upcoming Kitchen Designs Trends for 2023


November 16, 2022       Trends

There is an old saying in the real estate world: “Kitchens sell houses.” With the sizzling real estate market slowing in many parts of the country in the face of rising interest rates, there has never been a better time to fall back on this wisdom. A modern kitchen that provides the utmost comfort and functionality could be the difference between your home selling fast and seeing it sit on the market indefinitely. With this in mind, keep reading for 6 upcoming kitchen design trends to keep an eye on in 2023. 

Softening Elements

Calacatta Classico Island in luxury bright white kitchen

Poorly designed kitchens can fall into the trap of becoming cold and utilitarian. Too much stainless steel backed by dark colors may not play well for all types of homes. To avoid this pitfall, homeowners are looking for creative ways to add softening elements as we move toward 2023. Some of the most popular trends include woven lights to create a laid-back vibe, timber doors to evoke warm contrast with the kitchen’s stone elements, and large windows to reduce reliance on artificial light in the space. 

Bold Accents

PentalQuartz Carrara in transitional kitchen

Homeowners looking to create a calming sense of harmony within their kitchen are using monochromatic color schemes to establish cohesion. White walls, islands, and appliances are a popular choice when executing this scheme, as it better reflects light and gives the kitchen a brighter, more welcoming ambiance. To help implement some contrast when designing in a single color, consider adding bold accent walls, with white shiplap being a great material to add some texture when creating an all white space.

Functional Pantries

Traditional pantries have been pegged as frumpy and unappealing in recent years as homeowners look for more dynamic means of using their kitchen space. However, with many homeowners being forced to stock up and eat in while they wait for inflation to stagnate, the pantry is once again becoming a necessary component of kitchens heading into 2023. As homeowners look to avoid turning their pantry into an oversized food closet, look for the following features in modern pantries:

• Sliding glass pantry doors to limit space and give homeowners a quick look at what they have available
• Wire shelving that can be adjusted as needed and which creates an understated aspect when not in use
• Pull out drawers that can be used for storage or transition for use as cutting boards or tables when the need should arise

Location is also an important factor as homeowners look to mobilize their pantries. Gone are the cumbersome corner pantries, replaced with more practical built-in wall pantries that provide functional transitions between appliances. 

Family Friendly Features

True White in modern kitchen

With the cost of living skyrocketing around the country, the traditional household family is being forced to evolve in unprecedented ways. Many homes are now being shared between more than one family, and roommate living is becoming the new norm as young professionals look for ways to make their monthly payments. 

Kitchen trends are emerging to accommodate these changes. There is a huge emphasis on creating open kitchens to allow for more mingling between meals. Large central islands with durable quartz countertops that can serve as both a dining table and work-from-home station throughout the day are becoming the standard. Cushioned stools and upholstered dining chairs are replacing stiff-backed wood options to provide more comfort for lounging.

Reclaimed Materials

Stella Caldia on kitchen island

No matter how progressive design sensibilities become, there will always be a strong yearning for the vintage. This certainly appears to be the case as we head into 2023, with many homeowners looking for ways to add some timeless touches to their cook spaces. One way to accomplish this is by incorporating reclaimed materials. Some features to keep an eye on include salvaged wood shelving repurposed stone tile floors and backsplash and exposed barn wood beams on the ceiling. 

Outdoor Kitchens

Basaltina in backyard kitchen

With people looking to maximize functional exterior space, the design of outdoor kitchens is set to continue in full force heading into 2023. Among the features found in outdoor kitchens include:

• Heavy duty stainless steel appliances
• Stone ovens
• Granite or Quartzite countertops
• Louvered pergolas for shade and weather protection
• Innovative stone pavers to withstand foot traffic and guarantee a natural exterior ambiance

While some outdoor kitchens are stand-alone structures situated away from the home, some homes are replacing their traditional patio with an outdoor kitchen and using a pass-through window to conveniently connect their interior and exterior cook spaces. 

6 Kitchen Design Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

With the real estate market slowing in most parts of the country, having an up-to-date kitchen could be the deciding factor as to how long your property sits on the market. With this in mind, softening elements, accent walls, functional pantries, family friendly features, reclaimed materials, and outdoor kitchens are six kitchen design trends set to be at the vanguard as we move into 2023. 

Lisa Thompkins is a freelance writer living in Dallas, Texas. She works closely in the Home Improvement and Real Estate fields and has a background in Interior Design. When not writing, Lisa enjoys spending her time out on the lake with her friends and family. Lisa’s work as a freelance writer can be found on Building Product Advisor, a new construction industry resource launching in Fall 2022.