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Calacatta vs Carrara Marble: The Difference

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March 1, 2023      

Similar in appearance with a white background and grey veins, these two marble variations are often mixed up.

Calacatta is more rare than Carrara. It is considered a more luxurious marble than Carrara and is generally more expensive. There is no mistaking the dramatic veining of a Calacatta marble. The bright white canvas is a feature that really sets it apart from other marbles, along with the wonderful color variation in the veining, from golds to burgundies, lilacs, and even green hues.

Calacatta and Carrara close up

First used by the Roman empire, Carrara is the most common Italian marble. With a tendency toward blue-grey veining, Carrara lends an elegant aesthetic with its gentle tones and calming patterns. It can give any space a regal appeal with its innate understated sophistication.

Both Carrara and Calacatta are wonderfully versatile, and can fit well within nearly any design project. There are a plethora of different styles, tones of white and grey, and thicknesses of the veins in the marble – you’re sure to find the style that suits you best. Find the perfect stone for your space here.