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The PentalQuartz® Revolution is Here… 21 New Colors!!

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February 13, 2023      

Now there are 21 refreshing new ways to love PentalQuartz®.

We’ve never had a launch this massive, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Our 21 spectacular new colors will be arriving to Architectural Surfaces branches in waves in February and March. Make plans to visit your nearest branch weekly to see all the new colors as soon as they arrive! Many of these colors are also available book-matched – ask your local sales rep for more information, or check out webpage for more details.

Several colors we’re adding to the PentalQuartz® lineup have been available through our MetroQuartz line as well, including the Luce, Lux and Stella series:

Pentalquartz Luce Oro installed in white kitchen

Luce Oro

Luce Oro is a gorgeous marble-like quartz with a design that flows effortlessly between its off-white base and light grey veins, while golden highlights jet across the surface.  Luce Cascade is where complexity and sophistication meet in a stylish white marble look with exciting veining.

Pentalquartz Lux Aurum and Silver Sea in modern kitchen

Lux Aurum

The Lux duo includes Lux Aurum, a warm based white marble look with natural veining that is sure to inspire, along with the adventurously bold Lux Noir with its crisp, clean lines for a truly exciting design.

Pentalquartz Stella Caldia on countertop and blacksplash in kitchen with wood and black accents

Stella Caldia

Our charming Stella series starts with the essentials: Stella offers a soft wide grey vein pattern that redefines elegance with a soothing serenity. Stella Gold continues the tranquil palette, while adding subtle hints of gold. A bold contrast of black and white with hints of greys in between define Stella Black, while Stella Caldia rounds out this collection with a warmer toned option that, like Mary Poppins, is practically perfect in every way.

Pentalquartz Misterio Gold countertop

Misterio Gold

We know you’ll be excited about the addition of Misterio Gold, an enhancement to our best-selling Misterio. Enjoy the same great color, now with new gold veining!

Pentalquartz Aura gold in traditional luxury kitchen with wood accents.

Aura Gold

Adding to the Carrara marble inspired looks are the elegant Aura with tranquil movement and gentle veining, and Aura Gold with its gracious warm tones for a classic countertop.

Pentalquartz Elara in modern kitchen with wood accents


Elara is a quartzite inspired gem with both warm and cool tones, this color is both elegant and intricate.

Luxury bathroom with marmo corchia Pentalquartz on shower walls and countertop

Marmo Corchia

Next get ready for Marmo Corchia and Marmo Viola – arguably the two most daring new colors in the lineup! Marmo Corchia plays on deep charcoal veining with hints of alluring dark tones, while Marmo Viola evokes your favorite Bordeaux wine, with red tones that are refined, cultured, and worldly.

Sono Reale Pentalquartz on island, backsplash and countertops of luxurious black and gold kitchen.

Sono Reale

Meaning ‘I am’ in Italian, our Sono series stands for itself… Sono Soleil is inspired by Italian Macchia Vecchia marble with burnished copper colors, and takes wide veins to their maximum potential. Sono Mira’s extremely bold veining is for the truly adventurous, and Sono Reale proves that quartz is no longer simply inspired by nature, but rather embodies  the next generation of Calacatta’s that truly rival nature.

Ijen Azul countertop on kitchen island and backplash

Ijen Azul Pentalquartz®

Ijen Azul is truly a standout among the bevy of stars in this lineup. With an adventurous composition, this riff on striking blue quartzite continues to evolve quartz design as a whole.

Tramonto Pentalquartz installed in traditional kitchen with sage green cabinets and gold accents.


Lately we’ve been seeing more kitchens design with warm tones in mind. If your project is moving in this direction, Tramonto’s  enhanced background features a translucent-like quality with long, warm toned directional veining that will perfectly integrate with the warm toned elements in your space.

Pentalquartz Terra Luna installed on countertop and show in bathroom with navy blue vanity and geometric wall paper.

Terra Luna

If you’re loving the Calacatta looks and durability that quartz offers, but not the price tag, check out our Terra series. Terra Luna is a true Calacatta look, while Terra Sol is more warm toned yet classic – both with an economical price point.

There is truly something for everyone in this incredible assortment of new colors. We’re beyond excited to share them with you!

Order a sample online, or play around with all the designs in our visualizer!

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